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Choosing an EVV Provider? How To Vet; What To Look For

As more states inch closer to deciding on how they will implement the EVV requirements as part of the Cures Act, it seems that the “open model” is gaining traction.  Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration recently decided to use this model – in which a state names a preferred vendor but allows homecare agencies… Read more »

Point-of-Care (PoC): Is it the right move for your agency?

The right move…what does that mean? Let’s explore some scenarios. Do your clinicians and field staff currently use paper forms and assessments as a means of documentation for patient visits? If so, are you struggling with documentation accuracy and timely submissions? If you answered yes, you might want to start looking for a solution that… Read more »

The rapid growth in Home Care triggers the need for innovative technology

In the United States, the healthcare market is growing rapidly due to two primary reasons: the increasing number of individuals 65 and older and the ability to live with a chronic illness longer. Therefore, there is an increased need for long term care. Home care is the preferred method for a number of reasons. The… Read more »