State-of-the-Art Solutions for Efficient Home Care Management

Santrax® Agency Management is a powerful solution that automates all your key operational processes by incorporating functionality such as Scheduling, Clinical Documentation, Compliance Management, Electronic Medical Records, Billing Functions, Payroll, Reporting and Exporting in one easy to use system. Through process integration, Santrax® Agency Management eliminates manual and paper-based steps, thus maximizing the efficiency of your operation.


Advanced billing and care management tools

  • Features electronic claims processing for Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Duty agencies.
  • Integrates care management tools such as OASIS, care assessment, nursing care plan, data tracking and visit record into a single customizable document.

Comprehensive participant and demographic information

  • Have complete access to a full Electronic Health Record (EHR) in order to manage clinical documentation, lab results, X-rays, wound photos, images, and other data all in one place.
  • Track case history, medications, orders, compliance, and referrals with our HIPAA-compliant solution.

Allow your workforce to operate paperless

  • Validate encounter data at the point of service with Santrax® Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV) embedded in our solution.
  • Go paperless with payroll exporting and reporting, as well as advanced scheduling capabilities.