The Sandata payroll solution is specific to the Home Care industry

Features and Benefits

Breakdown of hours worked by patient on the employee paycheck

ACA reporting capabilities to help your agency remain compliant

Extensive configurable ad hoc reporting + preconfigured reporting library

Flexibility payment options such as direct deposit, loadable debit cards and hard checks

Payroll data is run through a checklist and checked for errors before kicking off processing

Pay method mobile app with pay details (You’ve Got Paid) online access


You’ve Got Paid®

This solution is your answer to a paperless, self-service program. Access earnings statements, update personal, demographic, deduction and tax information in real-time. You’ve Got Paid® is a green and more cost effective solution for you and your employees!

E-Z Hire™ On-Boarding

This solution is an integrated web-based tool that gives new hires the ability to enter, complete and view new hire documents online prior to their first day of employment.

Payroll Debit Cards

This allows for the use of direct deposit for employees who do not a have a banking relationship.

Commuter Reimbursement Accounts

This solution allows employees to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to use towards mass transit and/ or parking expenses.


“The Patient information that shows on the paystubs has cut our time that we deal with employee calls by 75%.” Carmen, Panda Home Care

“The enhanced payroll review helps us minimize a lot of errors before finalizing the payroll.” Dinah, Sunnyside Home Care