Enabling care plan compliance, and improving participant care and quality of service

Sandata EVV™ ensures 21st Century Cures Act Compliance. We validate the type of service performed; Individual receiving the service; Date of the service; Location of service delivery; Individual providing the service; and Time the service begins and ends.


Assured Coverage™

Our powerful combination of patented solutions for visit verification is called our Assured Coverage™ program and includes:

  • Sandata Mobile Connect – Real-time GPS technology, verifying caregiver location and visits via GPS enabled devices.
  • Telephonic Visit Verification™ (TVV™) – TVV™ uses Automatic Number Identification(ANI) technology to validate telephone calls to log in and log out, recording time and location in real-time.
  • Fixed Visit Verification™ (FVV™) – Patented technology to verify visits when no landline or cellular service is available.

Biometric Recognition Technology

Sandata’s Speaker Verification uses biometric voice recognition technology to ensure the right caregiver is providing service to the right participant by:

  • Enrolling each caregiver in the Speaker Verification system.
  • Prompting the caregiver to repeat the enrollment pass phrase whenever they make a phone call.
  • Comparing each recording with their voice-print that is on file and scored.
  • Providing information on whether the call passed or failed the Speaker Verification accuracy threshold through our reporting package, providing further assurance that the authorized worker is the one who made the call.


  • Includes flexible configuration options for late/missed visit alerts via text, email and visit maintenance dashboards based on real-time data.
  • Gives Providers and/or Case Managers the necessary information to ensure emergency backup protocols can be activated in a timely manner.
  • Instantly informs Supervisors of missed visits, late visits, and other problem situations,  helping to guard against fraud and abuse while improving care delivery.

Visit Detail, Task Validation, and Visit Approval

  • Gives providers complete access to visit information including:
    • Wave files of recorded login voices.
    • The ability to make approved corrections to common errors (i.e. caregiver forgot to log out at the end of the visit).
  • Ensures a detailed and reportable audit trail for all activities.
  • Provides an additional layer of visit verification with our Client Visit and Tasks Validation options, allowing the participant to confirm the visit length and that tasks entered by the caregiver have been completed.

Self-Directed Services

  • Allows participants or their authorized representative to view, edit and electronically approve worker visits and timesheets via an ADA section 508 compliant web system.
  • Point of care technologies to record Cures Act required EVV data elements as well as visit tasks completed

Self-Directed Care

Data Integration

  • Offers a single package for all agency workflows by integrating with our Santrax® Agency Management solution.
  • Gives agency administrators the option to export visit data to third party agency management systems for billing and payroll to complete the financial cycle, ensuring clinical and financial compliance with complete automated records. Sandata currently has integration’s with over 90 partners.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • A robust reporting package includes:
    • Daily Reports
    • Date Range Reports
    • Multiple sort and filter options to turn data into actionable information