Giving workers the ability to collect clinical and non-clinical information at the point-of-care

Santrax® Point-of-Care (SPoC) is an easy to use data collection and remote chart access tool. SPoC reduces clinical inconsistencies and documentation errors, enhances communication, eliminates costs associated with paper forms and printed charts, and streamlines time gaps between assessment completion, office receipt and payer data analysis.


Mobile Technology

  • Access from any device with a Web Browser including, Laptops, Tablets, iPads and Smartphones
  • Streamline the process of assessment completion and submission
  • Enhance communication between caregiver, agency, and the physician with real-time messaging

Actions & Follow-Up

  • Enables clinicians to generate and transmit prescriptions, modify the participant’s plan-of-care, and review lab results online.
  • There are automatic triggers for physician order modifications, and the ability to transmit and track supply orders.
  • Clinicians can perform medications lookups, determine drug and allergy interactions, and generate teaching sheets with integrated medications management.