The In-Home Participant

Sandata solutions ensure you receive the service quality and the coordinated care you deserve and need. We give your provider the tools and technology to become a trusted member of your Care Team, with efficient management of the scheduling and delivery of services in your home, participation in the Plan-of-Care developed by your Care Coordinator, and the capture of important health status information. Through our Assured Coverage™ solution, we ensure you receive The Five Rights of Care™. If participating in a Consumer-Directed program, we provide you with a novel solution that enables you to approve delivered services, manage service authorizations, and manage the “spend down” of approved services. Our Member Portal gives you the control and visibility you deserve!


Service Quality

  • We make sure you receive the care you’re authorized to receive and enable all caregivers to operate in a coordinated fashion through:
    • Alerts
    • Status monitoring
    • Assessments
    • Communication technologies
  • We are committed to ensuring you receive the best care with our compliance tracking capabilities.
  • We are dedicated to making your provider a member of your overall Care Team.

Care Coordination

  • Our solutions will provide you with The Five Rights of Care™ by reducing “Gaps in Care” and fulfilling “Care Alerts”.
  • Our solutions close the loop between your overall Care Coordinator, your Physician, and your in-home Caregiver.

Assured Coverage™

Our powerful combination of patented solutions for visit verification is called our Assured Coverage™ program and includes:

  • Telephonic Visit Verification™ (TVV™) – TVV™ uses Automatic Number Identification(ANI) technology to validate telephone calls to log in and log out, recording time and location in real-time.
  • Mobile Visit Verification™ (MVV) – Real-time GPS technology, verifying caregiver location and visits via GPS enabled devices.
  • Fixed Visit Verification™ (FVV™) – Patented technology to verify visits when no landline or cellular service is available.

Electronic Visit Verification™ Brochure