Category: Improving home care patient outcomes

Point-of-Care (PoC): Is it the right move for your agency?

The right move…what does that mean? Let’s explore some scenarios. Do your clinicians and field staff currently use paper forms and assessments as a means of documentation for patient visits? If so, are you struggling with documentation accuracy and timely submissions? If you answered yes, you might want to start looking for a solution that… Read more »

Patient Care Settings: What’s right for me?

Location, location, location! Some would say that’s the motto for real estate; however, I think it’s the same for healthcare. Elderly individuals that need long term care must choose how and where they will spend their aging years. That choice isn’t easy, and it often depends on their well-being and family situation. As the elderly… Read more »

Medical Homes: How can they help transform the healthcare delivery system?

What is a medical home? It’s a care model that was first introduced by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in 1967. The initial concept was designed to focus on medical and non-medical care for children with special health care needs. Over time, however, the definition of the medical home has evolved to reflect changing… Read more »

Understanding the Full Value of an Electronic Visit Verification System

The benefits of Electronic Visit Verification – more than just time and attendance Anyone involved in healthcare is aware of the fraudulent activity that plagues the industry.  It seems as if there are always news headlines of someone in the healthcare industry committing Medicare/Medicaid fraud.  Some cases are intentional, while others are the unfortunate result… Read more »