Sandata EVV for payers is a modular solution allowing the payer to select the right features and functionality to meeting their unique EVV needs.

Sandata EVV™ ensures 21st Century Cures Act Compliance. We validate the type of service performed; Individual receiving the service; Date of the service; Location of service delivery; Individual providing the service; and Time the service begins and ends. Sandata EVV™ solution is HITRUST CSF Certified, it has met key regulatory requirements and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk.

Sandata EVV increases provider network efficiency and effectiveness, and integrates payers and providers to drive network transparency. The result is improved care monitoring, stronger provider networks, improved claims payment, and greater participant satisfaction.


Assured Coverage™

Our powerful combination of patented solutions for visit verification is called our Assured Coverage™ program and includes:

  • Sandata Mobile Connect® – Real-time GPS technology, verifying caregiver location and visits via GPS enabled devices.
  • Telephonic Visit Verification™ (TVV™) – TVV™ uses Automatic Number Identification(ANI) technology to validate telephone calls to log in and log out, recording time and location in real-time.
  • Fixed Visit Verification™ (FVV™) – Patented technology to verify visits when no landline or cellular service is available.

Visit Detail and Claims Validation

  • Reduces Fraud, Waste and Abuse by only allowing claims to be submitted that meet all program validation requirements, including verified visit data.
  • Claims engine ensures ONLY claims that match the authorization are sent to the payer for adjudication; placing the burden on the provider to bill correctly the first time.
  • Claims engine can be applied prior to claims submittal or integrated with the payer system as part of the claims adjudication process prior to payment.

Alerts, Dashboards and Reporting

Ensures providers are delivering and participants are receiving authorized services with real time alerts.

A robust reporting package to improve quality oversight.

Dashboards and Reporting

A robust reporting package to improve quality oversight.

State Medicaid Experience

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